Pregnant Irina Shake at the Victoria's Secret screening

             Pregnant Irina Shake at the Victoria's Secret screening

Impressions from Victoria's Secret are known worldwide. It is a solemn event with many scenery, chic, glitter and impeccable couture lingerie. But, the most important in this output is considered the most beautiful "angels", well-known supermodels with super figures.

Not too long ago, rumors about the pregnancy of one of the participants - Irina Shake, were flying around the Internet. The media claimed that the girl was pregnant with her lover, whose name is no less known. The model was to give birth to the firstborn Bradley Cooper. Their novel has long been discussed by journalists. But soon this news subsided because she had no confirmation.

The other day there was another show of underwear from Victoria's Secret, in which Irina also participated. The girl wore underwear, the elements of which were peignoirs, and not for nothing. She tried to cover her round belly. This time the model is really pregnant, all the lingerie looked on her tenderly and sexually, as the "angel" shows. It seems that whatever she does, she will still remain a sex symbol and an object of male sigh.

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