A Canadian film about the Holodomor was presented in Ukraine

             A Canadian film about the Holodomor was presented in Ukraine

Bitter Harvest is the first English-language feature film about terrible events in Ukraine in the early twentieth century, fragments of which have already been presented.

“There is still no English-language feature film about these tragic events, and ordinary people in the English-speaking world know almost nothing about this tragedy of the Ukrainian people. Now we have such a movie. "Bitter Harvests" will allow the Western viewer to feel the Ukrainian spirit, the Ukrainian strength and courage, to learn about the human suffering and the hardships of Ukraine, "said the film's producer Ian Ignatovich from Canada.

The movie is about love against a background of hunger. The lives of the main characters are dramatically altered by repression and artificial hunger.

The film was directed by George Mendeluk (Canadian of Ukrainian descent).

The music for the film was written by the famous British composer Benjamin Wallfish. The main roles were played by Yuri - Max Irons, Natalka - Samantha Barks, Yaroslav - Barry Pepper, Sergei - Tamer Gassan, Ivan - Terence Steamp. Also appearing in the film are Ukrainian actors - Ostap Stupka and Oleksandr Pecheritsa.

The movie's budget was $ 20 million.

Interestingly, the filming took place in Ukraine in 2013, in the midst of the Dignity Revolution, so the topic of the film was not disclosed. The actors themselves were fascinated by the events and supported the Maidan from day one.

The film is set to release in Ukraine, America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain and other countries around the world on February 24, 2017.

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