An Evening of Remembrance of Bogodar Kotorovich

             An Evening of Remembrance of Bogodar Kotorovich

On October 30, the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine hosted a concert dedicated to the bright memory of the famous Ukrainian violinist Bogodar Kotorovich, "Roses of the Mystical Rose."

For the first time during the concert program all 16 sonatas dedicated to the Mother of God for violin and bassocontinuo by Henry Ignatius Franz Bieber (1644 - 1704) were played for fans of Baroque music.
14 well-known violinists, including students of Bogodar Kotorovich, created a unique atmosphere of mystery and mysticism on stage, which was transformed into a rosary specifically for this event.

Sonatas on the violin were blamed by: Solomiya Soroka (USA), Vitaliy Leonov, Bohdan Pivnenko, Yuri Stepin, Igor Zavgorodnyi Yulia Goncharova, Nazar Pilatiuk, Artem Dzheganovsky, Kirill Stetsenko Rasa Vasilute (Lithuania), Lidiya Futorskaya, Andriy Futorskaya ) and Miroslav Kotorovich.
Bassocontinuo Party: Vitaliy Tychyna, Arsen Pakholyuk, Igor Patsovsky.
Harpsichord Party, Organ: Olena Zhukova, Olga Shadrina-Lychak, Natalia Sikorska.
Bayan: Igor Sayenko.
Set design: Zinaida Likhachev.

The dedication concert also featured a collection of biographical essays on "The Gift of God" about the prominent Ukrainian violinist Bogodar Kotorovich, covering the lifetimes of his emergence as a unique violinist, his entire creative career and previously unknown biography facts. This monograph was specially prepared for the concert by art expert Tatiana Lyakhina.

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