Ukrainian actress to play in the sequel of "Pacific Frontier"

             Ukrainian actress to play in the sequel of "Pacific Frontier"

18-year-old Ukrainian Ivanna Sakhno has signed a contract to shoot in the second part of the fantastic Hollywood action game "Pacific Frontier", scheduled for release on widescreen in February 2018. The sequel will be directed by Stephen DWight, who has previously filmed episodes of such popular American TV shows as "Angel," "The Mysteries of Smallville," and "Doll House," and has written for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spartacus.

Interestingly, the first part of the Pacific frontier, released back in 2013 and staged by the legendary Guillermo Del Toro, garnered around the world a good 411 million box office and warm enough critical reviews, which prompted the sequel to be almost immediately released. However, the first date of its release - August 4, 2017 - was postponed, as the creators of the second part intended to re-scrutinize its script to greatly exceed the success of the first "TP".

What role Ivanna plays in the sequel to the movie is not disclosed. She is well known for her roles in such Ukrainian films and series as Lesia + Roma, Ivan Sila, and Music Teacher. She will be co-starring with "Pacific Turner-2" Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy), John Boyega (Star Wars: Awakening Power, "Being Human") and Clint Eastwood's Son Scott ("The Long Road" , "Suicide Squad").

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