Sharks, eccentrics, and the world of the future: what does cinemas promise this July?

             Sharks, eccentrics, and the world of the future: what does cinemas promise this July?

When, in the summer of 1975, the world saw the intense thriller "Jaws," filmed by Steven Spielberg, a number of American resorts tried to hold the director responsible for the fact that after the release of the tape, the number of visitors to the beaches decreased tenfold. This effect on the human imagination was realized by the story of a bloodthirsty shark, and this summer - in the long-awaited time of vacations and sea walks - to play with spectator phobias based on the ocean depths, decided and the Spaniard Haume Collet-Serra, who made the movie "Mel".

The two main characters in the movie are surfer Nancy, performed by actress Blake Lively and a large white shark, though created by special effects specialists, however, no less frightening than the deadly Spielberg beauty. Mel is a kind of actor-in-charge of Blake, who demonstrates all that she is capable of as the only human being among the endless oceanic expanses and the deadly danger that constantly traps her prey.

The French comedy "In a quiet turmoil" will show the audience the story of one absurdity in the form of relationships between two eccentric families involved in the periodic disappearance of tourists.

And the "Levels" will transfer the viewer to the near future, where any expression of emotions is forbidden and punished with instant isolation. Forbidden love in a sterile anti-utopian world without the right to emotionality will be fought by the heroes of the talented Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Holt, and what this unequal fight will turn into is just a guess.

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