In Transcarpathia, there is an acute problem of clogging

             In Transcarpathia, there is an acute problem of clogging

Environmentalists and activists are alarmed by the environmental problem: large areas of Transcarpathia suffer from plastic waste. According to locals and activists, the shores of Lake Synevyr were affected most by plastic.

Activists and environmentalists report an environmental hazard to Transcarpathia, which includes plastic bottles and other garbage collected in the region. This problem is common throughout Transcarpathia and neighboring areas, but the largest amount of debris has accumulated on the shores of Lake Synevyr used plastic bottles and packages left by locals and tourists.

According to ecologists, this problem has been ignored for a long time, so now indifferent citizens are turning to the locals and the relevant state bodies, demanding that the problem area be cleared. An important issue is also the problem of nurturing the culture of the local population, who are accustomed to leaving debris near water bodies.

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