Last year, more than 52 thousand hectares of forests were reclaimed in Ukraine

             Last year, more than 52 thousand hectares of forests were reclaimed in Ukraine

Acting Acting Head of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine, Khrystyna Yushkevich, presented on March 10 this year in the Government House an annual public report on the results of the activity of the sector for the past year.

She reported that during the past year, the forestry of the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine has recovered forests on an area of 52.6 thousand hectares, which is almost five percent more than the area of continuous logging, which amounted to 50.1 thousand hectares. During the past year, planting and sowing of the total area of 34.4 thousand hectares have been carried out. The stated figure is fourteen percent higher than the planned annual target. This figure includes 2.6 thousand hectares, which, in fact, have been planted or planted new forests and 18.2 thousand hectares of forests created through natural renewal.

There are 1900 permanent and temporary nurseries operating in the forestry business, producing up to three hundred and fifty million units of standard planting material annually.

The department plans to create 50,000 hectares of new forests in 2017. She stressed that the State Agency is ready to increase forest cover, the issue is raised at different levels. This is especially true in the southeastern regions, where the issue of conservation and extension of the area under arable land is particularly acute.

By the way, on February 7, the parliament of Ukraine increased the amount of fines for forest clearing by 5 times.

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