Ukrainians unite to preserve and restore the Carpathians

             Ukrainians unite to preserve and restore the Carpathians

On Wednesday, March 1st, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) spoke about the launch of the All-Ukrainian Together for Nature program, which aims to promote the Ukrainian Carpathians and help preserve and restore their majestic forests.

Olena Tarasova-Krasieva, National WWF Coordinator in Ukraine, presented the Foundation's results in our country and the latest report on the state of the environment on the planet Living Planet Report 2016. According to the report, every year, humanity consumes more resources than our planet can recover. Unless the trend changes, in 2030 we will need two Earths to meet our needs. "To change the current situation, we must act together," the WWF coordinator in Ukraine said.

WWF looks for conservation partners in governments, the public sector, business and ordinary citizens.

The first phase of the Together for Nature program will be support for the Carpathian National Nature Park, the Skole Beskydy National Nature Park and the Synevyr National Nature Park.

"To preserve and restore the nature of the Carpathians is an opportunity to improve the water and air, the place of life and recreation of Ukrainians," said Igor Ivanenko, Director of the Department of Conservation Affairs of the Ministry of Ecology of Ukraine. - The Carpathians are the heritage that we are proud to pass on to future generations. Joint efforts to restore and conserve forests are long-lasting investments that help preserve nature today, as well as establish a dialogue with local communities and create an image of our country in the international arena. ”

“The Morshyn deposit is one of the few sources of pure natural water in the Carpathian region. As a socially responsible brand, we want to thank the nature that created the unique mineral water, ”said Marko Tkachuk, CEO of IDS Borjomi Ukraine. As part of the first phase of the project, it is planned to plant up to 20,000 seedlings in 5 hectares of deforested Carpathian territories in the spring.

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