The environmental situation in Kherson region has worsened

             The environmental situation in Kherson region has worsened

The ecological status in the Kherson region has deteriorated in recent years, as reported in the local regional state administration. The main reason for this situation was the impact of uncontrolled chemical wastes that were not disposed of in a timely manner.

The reform of the agrarian sector, according to representatives of the Kherson Oblast Administration, has caused environmental degradation in the region. As it turned out, as a result of the ongoing reforms in the region, many landless plant protection products of chemical nature have emerged, which are no longer usable and should be properly disposed of. Thus, according to the information received by the State Environmental Inspectorate in 2012, the number of such chemicals reached over 1 million 887 thousand.

According to the Kherson Regional State Administration, all the chemicals that have to be disposed of are now in open space or in non-chemical storage facilities, thereby damaging the environment.

According to environmentalists, the main danger of the lack of proper disposal of pesticides is the ingress of their residues into the body of humans and animals. Exposure to chemicals may cause cancer and developmental abnormalities.

According to ecologists, in the last four years, almost no funds have been allocated for waste disposal in Ukraine, but more than 12 tons of hazardous waste have already accumulated in the country.

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