The Netherlands trains provide electricity to wind generators

             The Netherlands trains provide electricity to wind generators

The main passenger rail carrier of the Netherlands NS has provided a message that has already been published by all Western media. Since 2017, all trains in the Netherlands have switched to energy supply, which is provided only by wind energy.

Thus, today, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to completely switch to energy from wind generators for rail transportation.

According to NS, the operation of one wind generator for one hour can provide energy to one train for two hundred kilometers.

The total length of the railway tracks in the Netherlands is almost three thousand kilometers. The annual requirement for the railways of the Netherlands is 1.4 terawatt hours.

In the Netherlands, rail is not just a means of transport, it is essentially an integral part of every Dutchman's life. Considering that the size of the country is 350 by 250 kilometers, the railway plays the role of the state subway. In the Netherlands, it is quite normal for a person to live in Amsterdam while working in Eindhoven. With the small size of the country on Monday morning, the total length of traffic jams is about 500 kilometers. It becomes clear that the Dutch are choosing to travel by rail.

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