Ukraine is one step away from a measles epidemic

             Ukraine is one step away from a measles epidemic

Low rates of measles vaccines in Ukraine can lead to a powerful epidemic. Massive outbreaks are observed in Romania.

At a time when a large-scale measles epidemic is raging in neighboring Romania, some areas of Ukraine are not even able to get vaccinated against the disease because of a banal lack of injection. Considering the fact that the epidemic in Romania has erupted among the almost fully vaccinated population, Ukraine is one step away from a large-scale epidemic. At present, 45% of children have measles vaccines in Ukraine.

However, in Zhytomyr they complain about the absence of a vaccine against tuberculosis. Doctors admit that the necessary drugs expired in November last year, and the number of infants left unvaccinated for the year reached a record 75%. In the Ministry of Health, the situation in Zhytomyr is refuted, convincing that the necessary drugs are purchased with a six-year supply, and advised in such situations to redistribute drugs in medical institutions at the local level. However, Zhytomyr is assured that there are no injections throughout the city, so any redistribution is not possible.

A sad situation is also observed with the vaccination calendar, which is outdated and does not meet world standards. But in order to replace it, it is essential to improve the situation with the vaccines themselves.

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