The capital is trapped in snow

             The capital is trapped in snow

The capital of Ukraine fell victim to the bad weather: heavy snowfall began in Kyiv on February 6, resulting in severe snow drifts and traffic restrictions in and outside the city.

February 6 began with heavy snowfall in Kyiv: due to heavy drifts the movement of the capital became problematic. In view of the weather, in order to avoid problems on the road at the Kyiv City State Administration, Kyiv residents were advised to move from personal to public transport.

As of 9 am, traffic congestion reached 8 points on a ten-point scale.

In addition, the Emergency Management Department of the Kyiv City Administration reported the restrictions imposed on trucks: starting at 6 am, entry of size cars into the city limits was limited to improving weather conditions.

Forecasters warn that snowfall will continue in the capital on February 6 and 7, causing Kyiv authorities to urge citizens to use their own vehicles and not have to travel around the city without the need.

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