Christmas trees will be disposed of in Kiev

             Christmas trees will be disposed of in Kiev

In connection with the end of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the capital calls on the city residents to properly dispose of Christmas trees: seek to make holiday trees useful for ecology in Kyivzelenstroy. This municipal organization has opened a number of reception points for used Christmas trees in the city.

After Christmas, unnecessary Christmas trees can be beneficial for the environment. In this regard, Kyivzelenstroy CO has opened points for receiving used trees where all Kyiv residents can take them. This was reported on the official site of the utility in the social network.

Kyivzelenstroy announced the need for rational use of Christmas trees that the city residents throw away after the holidays. According to the director general Mikhail Finally, the collected Christmas trees will be ground and used as fertilizer.

In total, 10 points of reception of Christmas trees are opened in Kiev, which are evenly distributed in all districts of the capital. An interactive map of the reception points can be seen on the company's website.

According to Kyivzelenstroy, about 3,000 Christmas trees have already been disposed of this way. Reception points in the capital will operate daily until February 1.

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