The Ministry of Agrarian Policy counts on cooperation with winemakers

             The Ministry of Agrarian Policy counts on cooperation with winemakers

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine has prepared a draft law "On Grapes and Wine Production", which should replace the Law of Ukraine "On Grapes and Grape Wine". The draft law, developed by the Ministry, should facilitate the development and accelerate the restoration of the grape and wine industry in Ukraine.

The draft law takes into account the experience and standards applied in the European Union. Implementation of European winemaking practices is envisaged by the Association Agreement with the EU signed in 2014.

In addition to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in order to implement the rules of the law, the Cabinet of Ministers and central authorities should work on it to bring it into compliance with the normative legal acts of these state bodies. Also, technological documentation needs to be elaborated to implement the law.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy has initiated the establishment of a profile group of industry experts, scientists and business representatives to work on regulatory acts. According to the Ministry, the creation of the group is a response to the desire of producers and associations of the wine industry to participate in creating the best conditions for the functioning of the industry.

Combining the actions of the state regulator, winemaker associations and producers directly will ensure the stable development of the industry, which will be attracted by new technologies and the products produced will be of high quality.

To ensure the effectiveness of the working group, the Ministry requests the nomination of experts, researchers and experts in the field of winemaking. Information on potential members of the group will be collected by December 1st.

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