Environmentalists have investigated pollution levels in the capital

             Environmentalists have investigated pollution levels in the capital

Ecologists have carried out studies of the level of pollution in different parts of the capital and told about their conclusions. The most dangerous for the health of people were the areas where there are large motorways and intersections of roads.

Recent ecological studies of Kyiv as a whole and of some of its districts revealed that the capital is one of the most polluted cities in Ukraine. This fact causes a large amount of transport, which moves daily through the city and increases every year. Thus, according to statistics, about 1.5 million cars run every day in the city, which can not but affect the environmental situation of the capital.

Among the districts of Kyiv, the most polluted ones are those located in the area of large motorways: the exhaust gases, which are the product of cars, exert a carcinogenic effect on the human body, so environmentalists do not advise citizens to live in such areas for a long time.

In particular, the most dirty in Kyiv recognized Bessarabskaya and Demiyivska areas because of the large amount of transport and lowland location, which creates stagnation of polluted air, as well as places with active transport traffic and harmful industrial enterprises: Obolonsky, Darnytskyi and Dniprovsky districts, Pobedy avenue and some others.

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