The woodlands of Transcarpathia will be guarded around the clock

             The woodlands of Transcarpathia will be guarded around the clock

The unauthorized felling of trees, which this year swept through the picturesque Ukrainian Transcarpathia, has become a real environmental disaster for our country, which is already suffering from the extremely polluted atmosphere of transport emissions and in great need of long-awaited cleaning. To stop environmental arbitrariness, special raid crews, which started their operations earlier this week, will monitor the state of Transcarpathian forests, preventing their unauthorized uncontrolled deforestation.

The aforementioned raid group has been established under the Transcarpathian Regional Forest and Hunting Directorate, and will conduct its patrol on the state forest fund around the clock, simultaneously identifying malicious violators of hunting and forest legislation.
It is important to add that such a team consists of special departments of forestry, forest protection and internal audit of the Transcarpathian regional administration. In addition, the management is implementing enhanced measures to protect the state forest fund of this region of Ukraine.

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