Kievans were forbidden to swim in local reservoirs

             Kievans were forbidden to swim in local reservoirs

Sanitary doctors in the capital have forbidden Kiev residents and visitors to swim at all the local beaches. The reason is the risk of serious diseases due to the active reproduction of bacteria in the water.

Chief Sanitary Doctor of Kyiv Oleg Ruban recalled the ban on bathing on all the beaches of the capital without exception. Such a decision explains the inconsistency of water status in the Dnieper and other reservoirs with existing sanitary requirements. In particular, the content of Escherichia coli in water is much higher than normal, which poses a significant risk to the health of holidaymakers.

Kyiv's sanitary service has reported that the water in the capital's reservoirs has started to bloom, as indicated by its green color. The main cause of this phenomenon, which is commonly seen in August, is hot weather and active bacterial propagation. These bacteria, when they enter the human body, often cause serious diseases.

As you know, most beaches in Kiev were banned from bathing on July 21, which caused the sanitary status of the reservoirs to be inaccurate with safety standards.

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