Meteorologists explained the reason for the weather change

             Meteorologists explained the reason for the weather change

In the near future the weather conditions in Ukraine and many other countries of the world will change dramatically. Meteorologists have told this, making forecasts and explaining the true causes of metamorphosis. Summer 2017 is characterized by atypical weather conditions in many countries. Sudden changes have also affected Ukraine: as in the rest of Europe, there is an excessive amount of rain in the country. In particular, it is raining hard in Germany, Georgia, Russia and other European countries, typhoons have started in Japan. Meteorology experts report the causes of severe weather changes and make forecasts for the near future. According to experts, weather changes are caused by global climate metamorphoses. In particular, in Ukraine over the past 20 years, the average temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees, which generally leads to an increase in the duration of the warm period of the year by 8 days. Meteorologists' forecasts for many countries in the world, including Ukraine, are disappointing: if the trend of global warming does not slow, after 50-70 years, the increase in average temperature will be another 3 degrees, which in turn can lead to a deterioration of the crop and even the death of entire ecosystems.

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