Good deeds are done together! Charity event for children with disabilities Dnepr.2018 Ukraine

             Good deeds are done together! Charity event for children with disabilities Dnepr.2018 Ukraine

Good deeds are done together! Charity event for children with disabilities in Dnipro. Ukraine 2018. Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation Solidarity and Alan CEO Vyacheslav Kapustin held a joint action for alumni of the Dneprovsky boarding school for children with disabilities. Dneprovsky Orphanage is a social medical institution for permanent residence of children from 4 to 18 years old with defects in physical development and defeat of the central nervous system in need of foreign and medical care. The boarding school is designed for a department of 1 profile - for children with physical disabilities and normal intelligence of preschool and school age, for whom independent movement is significantly difficult or impossible. Some of them partially serve themselves. On this day, the children were brought and installed the upholstered furniture. Now on comfortable sofas, re-drawn with new wear-resistant material, students of the center of all ages can gladly accommodate. In addition, Vyacheslav Kapustin, in conjunction with the vice-president of the International Solidarity Fund Alexander Petrovsky, Yana Yur'evna Ivanilova and boarding officials conducted an inspection of the institution. Patron Vyacheslav Kapustin made a decision to repair the assembly hall of the boarding school, where all events and holidays for children are held. It should be noted that Vyacheslav Kapustin constantly provides assistance to disabled children of this institution. Every week, young students at home receive the best samples of high-quality products of the Alan brand. We will note that Vyacheslav Kapustin is known in the Dnepropetrovsk region not only as a successful businessman, but also as a person with a big and pure heart, in which there is always a place for mercy. Being a simple person from the people and knowing what the need is, he gladly extends his helping hand to the needy residents of his native land. Charity holds a special place in his life, for he invests not only material means but also soul into it. The joint action of the International Solidarity Fund of Alexander Petrovsky and patron Vyacheslav Lvovich Kapustin once again emphasizes the importance of joining efforts to help our children and gives an example of the possibility of providing assistance and charity for all entrepreneurs of the Dnieper and Ukraine.

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