Families of fallen ATO soldiers from Dnipropetrovsk will be able to relax at the seaside resort. (Video)

             Families of fallen ATO soldiers from Dnipropetrovsk will be able to relax at the seaside resort. (Video)

For the families of the fallen heroes of the Russo-Ukrainian war, they did a good job. Thanks to the efforts of the patron and patriot of the Dnieper and Ukraine, president of the International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky, mothers and parents of soldiers, their children and relatives will be able to recover on the Sea of Azov. Oleksandr Volodymyrovych organized a trip to the sanatorium on the coast of Kherson region for the NGO "Family Circle" and solved the transport issue at his own expense. Two comfortable buses will take families to their vacation destinations and back to the regional center.

121 representatives of a non-governmental organization from all over Dnipropetrovsk region went on vacation. And these are mothers, parents and their relatives from the Dnieper, Dnieper, Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol, Pokrovsky, Kamensky, Petropavlovka, Krynychok, Solonyansky, Pyatikhatsky districts and other cities and villages of Dnipropetrovsk. A delegation from the Dnieper departed from the central railway station of the regional center on August 18.

The Dnieper will rest on the Azov Sea, in the village of Strelkovo on the Arabatsky Spit in the boarding house "Dnipro" until August 25. Representatives of NGO "Family Circle" hope not only to have a rest, but also to communicate, to get to know each other more closely.
There is also a healing-mineral stream and therapeutic soil. There is a salt lake near the source. It is rich in salts, blue clay and healing mud.
Together with the Dnepropetrovsk delegation, the well-known Ukrainian music group "Vertep" headed by its leader Timofey Khomyak also went to the location. Musicians will give a patriotic concert there for the families of fallen soldiers and for vacationers.
On behalf of all families, the head of the NGO "Family Circle" Sergey Nikonov expressed gratitude for organizing the rest of the President of the International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky and noted that it is very important for the psychological unloading of mothers, widows and fathers of our lives for our heroes freedom of the country.

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