A new Armenian temple was inaugurated in the Dnieper

             A new Armenian temple was inaugurated in the Dnieper

On March 17, 2018, the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory Lusavorich, one of the largest in Eastern Europe, opened in Dnipro.

There was also a temple consecration ceremony.
It was held by the current 132nd Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians, the first hierarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Haregin II.

He came to Ukraine specifically from the Echmiadzin Cathedral, located in Armenia.

In the Dnieper of the Supreme Patriarch, he was met and accompanied by the philanthropist and patriot of the Dnieper, the president of the International Solidarity Charitable Foundation Alexander Petrovsky, the philanthropist and volunteer Emil Harutyunyan. Thanks to their efforts and financial support, a new Armenian temple in the Dnieper was completed in record time.

And the representatives of the Armenian Cultural Center are convinced that with the opening of this temple for the Armenian community of the city a new stage begins.
“The first stone was laid in the foundation of the temple in 2003.

St. Gregory Lusavorich Temple is a shrine for the Armenians of the Dnieper and all Ukraine. We have been building it for over 15 years. In 2017, Bishop Marcos consecrated the crosses. We thought we would open the temple last year, but decided to wait for the visit of the High Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians of Haregin II to Ukraine. And today, on March 17, the long-awaited visit took place, ”the Armenian Cultural Center noted.

Half an hour before the arrival of the Patriarch, representatives of the clergy of different denominations - Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, but first of all - Armenians, began to gather near the church of St. Gregory Lusavorich. Bishop of Dniprovskyi and Kryvyi Rih of the UOC-KP Bishop Simeon and other representatives of different denominations, as well as guests from Europe and the Vatican, are honored guests.

In total, about three thousand people came to the dedication ceremony.
Representatives of the government were also present - Dnipro city mayor Boris Filatov, governor Valentin Reznichenko and Dnipropetrovsk oblast council chairman Gleb Prigunov.

At 10.45am, as planned, the threshold of the temple crossed the 132nd Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Haregin II.

He served a prayer service, attended by representatives of various denominations. After consecrating the temple, the patriarch addressed a sermon in Armenian. Patriarch presented awards to patrons who assisted in the construction of the temple.

It is worth noting that Haregin II is one of the most respected religious figures of our time. He became patriarch of the church in 1999, and since 2013 he has been chairing the World Council of Churches, an organization that seeks to foster dialogue between different Christian denominations and ideally to unite Orthodox, Catholics and other Christians.

"This is a great joy that does not fade. Our faithful received the long-awaited temple. Many thanks to everyone who was here today," said Bishop Marcos Hovhannisyan, head of the Ukrainian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
Temple of St. Gregory Lusavorich located on the street. 13. The church, built by Armenians, patrons and patriots of the city, is one of the largest shrines in Eastern Europe. The building was built according to the traditions of the Armenian culture

and decorated with volcanic stone tuff of a special, peach shade, which was shipped directly from Armenia. The architects of the temple are Varujan Airapetyan, Khachik Danielyan and Samvel Makyan. The ornament and figures on the facade of the building were made by a stone carver from Armenia Khachatryan Harutyunov.
According to the Armenian community, according to Armenian traditions, the church is not only a spiritual center, but also serves as a cultural center. There is an Armenian Sunday school at the temple. The temple has traditional commemorative stones - khachkars.
The temple is located near the former Kalinin Avenue, which now bears the name of the hero of the Heavenly Hundred, Sergiy Nigoyan.

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