Pre-premiere screening of the documentary MIF took place in Dnipro

             Pre-premiere screening of the documentary MIF took place in Dnipro

A premiere screening of the new Ukrainian film “MYTH” took place in the Dnieper. The documentary is about a world-famous opera singer who gave his life for the sake of the future of the Motherland.

It is not the first time that residents of the Dnieper have been invited to a premiere screening of a modern war film. At first it was the Cyborg, this time it was a documentary about Vasily Slipak.
The movie "MYTH" is a story about the life of an opera singer.
Vasily Slipak was born in Lviv. Thanks to his talent and unique voice, he became world famous.
Slipak lived in France for 19 years.

Incredible career, friends, love - he had everything. But the Dignity Revolution and the hostilities in Eastern Ukraine changed their lives forever.
At first, Vasily led a demonstration in support of Ukraine in France, joined the volunteer movement. And then he joined the ranks of volunteers in the Donbass. In the first assault company of the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of the Right Sector, he was a machine gunner.
The call took the "MYTH" - in honor of his role in the opera "Mephistopheles".
The singer was killed in the vicinity of the Donetsk airport from the sniper's bullet.
The genre combined two genres: cinema and concert.
“We used a lot of archival videos that we have collected for more than a month around the world. Through social networks, they asked people to share videos and photos of Vasily Slipak, ”said film director Leonid Kanter.
There are two story lines in the film. The first is Gianni Rodari's story "Gelsomino in the Land of Liars" about a boy who had a unique voice and struggled with his help with bad guys.
The second is the story of Vasily, who gave his voice and life in the struggle for his homeland. They worked on the tape for 17 months.
Access to the show is free. Only pre-registration was required. Volunteers and ATO participants were invited to the premiere screening of the film.
There was a lively atmosphere in front of the audience - the audience interacted with each other and with the film's authors.

Spectators gathered the full hall, sat even in the aisles. Indifferent tape left no one - they cried and applauded everyone. Among the spectators was the wife of "Semyanin" - the deceased twin soldier Vasily Slipak.
“The film shows what the myth and my husband fought for. For what they fought and died, "- shared the wife of" Semyanin "Andrei Shirokov Anna Happy.
The film's authors went out into the audience and talked with the audience. The tape will be presented in 19 cities of Ukraine. The movie will be released on February 8.
The International Solidarity Fund of Alexander Petrovsky has always supported and will maintain the memory of our legendary patriots of Ukraine. In particular, the foundation organized and conducted several memory concerts
Vasily Slipak, who were warmly welcomed by spectators and specialists.
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