The longest railway in Ukraine will be built from LEGO in the Dnieper

             The longest railway in Ukraine will be built from LEGO in the Dnieper

It is planned to set a new record in Ukraine in the Dnieper - to build a railway of 210 m long LEGO cubes.
The record-breaking railway will be installed on September 17 at the Interpipe TechFest festival of science, technology and modern technologies in the avalanche complex. According to the organizers, the application for fixing the achievement is ready and will be sent to the office of the national recorder in the near future.
According to preliminary estimates, construction will take more than 300 thousand cubes.
-Trains are one of the most popular topics in LEGO. The railway is the main element of most compositions, regardless of theme - from the Wild West to the exploration of space. Our railroad is not just rails and radio-controlled trains, but stations, stations, cities, factories and even rivers, bridges and hills. In short, the whole infrastructure, which will occupy 46 square meters. m ”- says one of the initiators of the record Maxim Mityakin.

The Ukrainian LEGO UkrBricks enthusiast community will build a record road. The creation of a record road will be attended by LEGO fans not only from Dnieper, but also from Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Lviv, Zaporozhye and other Ukrainian cities. Each of them prepares a separate plot. At Interpipe TechFest, these elements will be assembled into a single construction. Preparation for the record took about two months for enthusiasts.

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