Repair of the New Bridge in the Dnieper will be completed in time.

             Repair of the New Bridge in the Dnieper will be completed in time.

Work on the site is ongoing and will be completed at the end of this year. Installation of fences, supports for LED lamps, trolley lines and deformation seams is ongoing on the bridge. By the way, about the last element. There was nothing like this at the site before, and from now on there will be 40 deformation seams, which will make the road surface more durable.

About the fence. Its height will be 120 cm, which meets all safety standards. The city hall also told journalists about the colors in which the city is painted. According to officials, copper-red colors were selected. An example is the San Francisco Bridge. The paint has already been ordered in the public domain from a foreign manufacturer. Therefore, all supports and fences are painted in this color.
With regard to the significant increase in the cost of repair work, the city hall refuted information distributed by some media. The contractor performs unforeseen work on additional contracts. The repair crews will have a 6-day delay from the schedule, but the reconstruction will be completed by the end of 2017. And today there are no prerequisites for disruption of the terms of putting the bridge into operation, - said the Dnieper City Hall.
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