Dnepropetrovsk geriatric boarding house is being repaired and restored! (Video)

Dnepropetrovsk geriatric boarding house is being repaired and restored! (Video)

In the institution of the social protection department of Dnipropetrovsk region - KZ «Dnipropetrovsk geriatric boarding house of Dnipropetrovsk regional council», which is located in the regional center on the street. Havana, 15 is an occasion for joy. The facility is overhauled for most of the active functioning of the boarding house. Repairs were made to the large junction between the buildings near the dining room, where the wards of the institution feed every day. Major repairs were carried out, ranging from ceilings, walls and windows. Replacement of lighting, old doors with new ones, old plastic with modern paint on the walls, new handrails to improve movement, and new energy-saving windows will now help to keep warm and create comfort for the staff and for those who reside here. All this was done by the International Solidarity Fund of Alexander Petrovsky for the initiative and personal financial support of his president.

It was Alexander Vladimirovich who decided to help these people living in the boarding house and make their stay more comfortable and convenient. And this is very important for the residents of the boarding house, many of whom are seriously ill with various health problems.

On May 30, 2019, President of the International Charitable Foundation Alexander Petrovsky met with his head, Oleg Kondrashevsky, and his deputies, in a boarding house. During the visit, they inspected the completed repairs, the premises of the boarding house, which still needs repair (including medical ones), and talked about the future plans of this institution. Recall that this is a boarding house for adults and there are 605 wards - men and women of the elderly and disabled 1 and 2 groups.


This is no longer the first help of Alexander Petrovsky and his foundation with friends, this institution. It is gratifying that these good and necessary deeds do not go unnoticed.

In particular, repair work is also underway within the framework of the charitable Ukrainian-German program from GIZ (the head of the Ukrainian direction and project manager Oleg Flitter).

Director of the Municipal Institution "Dnepropetrovsk Geriatric Boarding House of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council" Oleg Kondrashevsky said - "I want to sincerely and sincerely thank both the Foundation and its President, Alexander Petrovsky, for our constant attention and for such promptness, and for such promptness."



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