International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament “New Dnipro stars -2017” took place in Dnipro

             International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament “New Dnipro stars -2017” took place in Dnipro

The large-scale children's sports tournament was held in Megaron Sports Complex 02.12 - 03.12.2017. This year the New Dnipro stars -2017 rhythmic gymnastics tournament became international. It was attended by more than 45 teams, from almost all regions of Ukraine, as well as from Turkey and Poland.

The competition was attended by children from 2006 to 2014.

The tournament can rightly be called a small star tournament.

After all, very young gymnasts did not compete as much as they enjoyed their performances and delighted the judges and guests with endless joy, sunny smiles and genuine child happiness, which also had no boundaries.

The organizers did their best to make every child remember this holiday of grace, sports and beauty. None of the tournament participants left without a gift.

The competition system was organized in such a way that prizes and gifts were received by all participants in the competition.

A partner and sponsor of the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament "New Dnipro stars -2017" was the International Charitable Foundation of Alexander Petrovsky "Solidarity" and personally the Petrovsky family - Angelika Valeryevna and Alexander Vladimirovich, who always support children's sports. The highlight of this show was a Ukrainian celebrated gymnast, a participant in the finals of the Olympic Games, a bronze medalist of the 2013 World Championships and multiple champion of Ukraine - Victoria Mazur.

Little athletes were pleased to receive prizes and gifts from the famous athlete. And for the photo shoot with the champion lined up a whole queue.

- This is above all the most wonderful holiday for children. With burning eyes, they look at their coaches and parents and catch their every gesture of approval.

Unfortunately, there were no such wonderful tournaments in my childhood. I started doing gymnastics at the age of six. And immediately "as an adult." But in childhood there should always be a place for a holiday, such as today - commented the event master of sports of international class Victoria Mazur.

As a result, the celebration of grace and sports left a great impression on both the participants and the organizers.
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