The Sunday school for children and adults was consecrated and opened in Dnipro

             The Sunday school for children and adults was consecrated and opened in Dnipro

On September 3, 2017 in Dnipro, in the territory of the Ukrainian court, I welcomed the long-awaited opening of the Sunday School of Spiritual and Enlightenment at the Central Diocesan Temple in honor of Our Lady of Unexpected Joy icon. Many residents of the city, members of the public, veterans and, of course, young people - our children - were present at the opening. Before the opening, the children presented a joint small concert of the newly formed training center and the Sunday school at the St. Elias Church in Dnipro.

After praying and welcoming words, philanthropist and president of the Solidarity International Charitable Foundation, Alexander Petrovsky, who also presented this Sunday school to the children of the Dnipro River, together with Vladyka Simeon, cut the symbolic red ribbon in a solemn atmosphere and declared the school days official. It should be noted that the philanthropist and the president of the IMF Solidarity Alexander Petrovsky initiated the construction of not only the 3-storey Sunday school, but also the whole diocesan complex of "Ukrainian Courtyard".

For all guests and children, a day trip to the school was organized, and after communicating with the mentors and getting to know each other, the children and their parents were able to chat in an informal setting and enjoy a variety of delicious meals and drinks. In the future, the Sunday Spiritual School will develop, and not only in the culturally spiritual aspect. For a more comfortable and comfortable cycle of employment, the Diocese is already repairing premises that have not been used for several decades. New premises are already being prepared for the needs of the Ukrainian court and the children of the Dnieper.

Sunday Spiritual School of the Dnieper at the Unexpected Joy Church of the UOC KP is open to all children and parents of the Dnipro city.

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