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The help of little Myron Podchasov is needed.


The Family of the Watchmen appeals to all indifferent people for the help of their young son Myron.
The child was diagnosed with a tumor - diagnosis (craniopharyngioma).
Urgent operation was carried out abroad in Turkey. But now another operation and funds are needed for the rehabilitation period.

Letter from Myron's parents.

“Good afternoon, my good ones. I know you are waiting for the news, you are going through ... but it is so difficult that you don't even put it into words. Thank God we had surgery, another diagnosis was made during surgery:. The operation lasted about 10 hours, during which time we thought we would go crazy. We are among the best neurosurgeons in Istanbul, and we are grateful to them for our second birthday. As the doctor said: it was the most difficult operation that could have been on the brain ... at that moment we thought the most difficult was already behind, but no. After the surgery, we were transferred to the intensive care unit, in which we had to stay under observation for 3 days, but we stayed there for 10 very difficult days and nights. Our heart was beating and we just existed, we wanted nothing, but rather that this dream would end sooner. Now, thank God, we have been transferred to the ward, the most difficult period in our lives has begun. Myron is very weak, he needs to re-learn everything (walk, sit, talk, restore vision ...). It's very painful to look at, but we hold on to it! And we are doing everything to help our little son recover! Every day there is a lot of analysis, new procedures, doctor visits. The final amount at the moment is not present and will be called only at checkout. To date, the amount has already come close to $ 50 thousand. How much time to spend here we do not know yet, it all depends on the state of Miroshi.
With each passing day the amount gets bigger, we ask for your help. Many thanks to everyone who helps us. God grant health to you and your families. We believe that together we will overcome everything.

Money transfer card
Privat Bank 5218 5722 1294 4503 Podchasov Yaroslav

Contact phone number of the fund
056 7690001
Fund details -
International Charitable Foundation
Alexander Petrovsky Solidarity
p / s 26001050000643
MFO 305299
OKPO 26438886
Payment Assignment: for Myron's Time Treatment.