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FIGHTING FOR LIFE! Little Demid needs urgent help!


Oleksandr Petrovsky's International Solidarity Foundation "Solidarity" was addressed by friends of Elena Shantovsky (Dubovik) (mother of boy Demid).

They came to the family with misery. After numerous examinations, the infant was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Demidov only 2 years and 7 months! Time for him is now not days, but hours!
And now he needs our help!
Little Demid is now in the Ihiloff Clinic (Israel) trying to help a young Ukrainian.
In the meantime, friends and mom are reaching out to anyone who can help. Any help, in any size, is the Hope of our Demid's life! “We pray and ask
to help the child! ”, - are addressed to all friends of the family.

Oleksandr Petrovsky's International Solidarity Foundation has never been in trouble and wants to help everyone as much as possible. And he also calls on all indifferent people to help a small citizen of our country. Businessmen, entrepreneurs, firms, organizations and businesses. Anyone who can save a baby's life.
Contact phone number of the fund
056 7690001

Fund details
International Charitable Foundation
Alexander Petrovsky Solidarity
p / s 26001050000643
MFO 305299
OKPO 26438886
Payment appointment: for treatment of Demidov Dubovik.