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Help is needed for Vyacheslav Kolesnikov, who is battling a rare disease.


The Charity family of Oleksandr Petrovskyi Solidarity was asked to help.
19-year-old Vyacheslav Kolesnikov fights a rare genetic disease - Myopathy Duchenne.
The Foundation promptly responded to the request of the family and provided assistance, but the young man still needs the financial support of indifferent citizens, businessmen, entrepreneurs, firms, organizations and enterprises. Vyacheslav has already undergone 2 rehabilitation courses at Ewexia Clinic in Greece. It is necessary to make the last step of rehabilitation, costing 28750 Euro. Mum Ludmila asks all the indifferent people to help the boy get back on his feet!

Contact phone
097 729 42 89,
Kolesnikov Lyudmila Vyacheslavivna,
Privatbank card
5167 9855 0026 2266.

International Charitable Foundation
Alexander Petrovsky Solidarity
p / s 26001050000643
MFO 305299
OKPO 26438886
Purpose of payment: for the treatment of Vyacheslav Kolesnikov.