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Need help for little Kira Belenka.


Little Kira's parents turn to all caring and kind people and beg to help a little, but very brave girl, their daughters.

Kira Bilenko's family of
with. Konstantinovka, Melitopol district. Zaporizhzhya region.
Almost two years ago, the girl was diagnosed with "acute lymphoblastic leukemia".
Cyrus was in a high-risk group, but no matter what, she underwent such difficult treatment and there was some hope of recovery. But the child's condition subsequently worsened.
"To date, new treatments have already begun, doctors have said, if done in time, there is every chance of completely getting rid of the disease through bone marrow transplantation. Kira is feeling well, really bored, and wants to play on the street, and everything would be fine if there were analyzes that show that things aren't really that good, ”parents say.
Oleksandr Petrovsky's International Solidarity Foundation immediately provided financial support for the little girl and supported the Belenky family.
But parents ask people to help carry out a costly operation that will save Kira's life.
It requires a bone marrow transplant from a non-native donor. There is now a gathering at TCM at the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata Di Verona Clinic (Italy), which is ready to receive a Ukrainian girl. The cost of the operation is 120,000 Euro. Parents now have just over 30,000. And they hope for support and help.
Belena Kira.
June 18, 2014
Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Help can be sent to the card:
Mother - Angelina Bilenko. 5168742709521771
Father - Alexander Belenkiy
+ 38067-376-45-83
Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity"
p / s 26001050000643 IFRS 305299 OKPO 26438886
Purpose of payment:
for the treatment of Bilenko Kira.