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Musical excursion. The New Year's Trolley with songs went live on an exclusive route


In the morning, the students of boarding school took a ride on it. They do not often have to travel far, but especially in winter. Some of them visited the left bank for the first time. Strong guys - veterans of anti-terrorist operation helped to get inside children. What a weekend they also decorated the trolleybus. They decorated him with drawings and slaves of boarding school students. <meta charset = "utf-8"> The City Council allocated a low-floor trolleybus for autonomous travel. He was able to drive up to the boarding school, which is located in the depths of the private sector. <meta charset = "utf-8"> During the trip the children were entertained by the girls from the music school: they read poems, ordered Agadas and sang. Their vocal trio of bayanists, who got hooked on one of the stops, stepped up. And so delighted that they did not notice how they got to the embankment on the housing estate "Sunny", where many of the children have never been.