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Solidarity International Charitable Foundation Repairs Dnepropetrovsk Geriatric Boarding House


About 800 square meters is the area of two upgraded transitions between blocks of the geriatric boarding house.

Back in the summer, they had a completely different look - poor quality and fireproof plastic on the walls, shabby sofas and old windows. The transitions now have new plastic windows, modern furniture and a complete repair of walls and ceilings.

Director of Dnipropetrovsk Geriatric Boarding House Oleg Kondrashevsky says: "We want to thank for very high quality repair with replacement of all windows, with plaster of all panels, additional handrails were installed, which help in moving our wards."

Also replaced all interior doors and installed new fire doors on the exits.

To make transitions is the own initiative of the President of the Foundation Alexander Petrovsky. Philanthropists have been taking care of the geriatric board for a long time, and during one of the meetings in the summer saw the critical condition of the room and immediately began its reconstruction.

Vice President of the International Solidarity Foundation, Yana Ivanilova, says: “They have no one except those close to them who have remained in the boarding schools today. Of course, they need help, attention, communication, and, of course, the right conditions. We do not stop, this is not the end of our cooperation, now we will be engaged in repair work in the assembly hall. ”

Currently, 550 residents of the boarding school have a comfortable lounge area where they play tennis, chess, read and interact with each other.