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All-Ukrainian traditional tournament for boys for the prizes of the Judo-80 sports club ”


35 teams from Ukraine, as well as representatives of Israel. Just over two hundred athletes between the ages of 15 and 17 came to the Dnieper to take part in the 26th All-Ukrainian Traditional Youth Tournament for the Judo-80 Sports Club. " The tournament has the status of official start and is included in the competition calendar of the Judo Federation of Ukraine.

“These are the winners of the World Championships, for example, Rostislav Berezhnoi and Nikita Goloborodko. These are participants who have repeatedly been both champions and winners of the European Cups, European Championships among the youth. The level is really high enough, ” says Judo-80 SC coach Yuri Pirog

For the third year in a row, with the support of the International Solidarity Fund, Alexander Petrovsky, the championship is held in the Olympia Plus sports hall.

“Alexander Vladimirovich - Honored Coach of Ukraine. He is the honorary president of the Judo 80 Club. That is why we try to constantly assist our athletes not only during the tournament days, but throughout the calendar sporting year, ” - says Ian Ivanilov, Vice President of the International Solidarity Fund. For the winners and winners of the championship prepared medals and gifts