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Morning service in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the chapel of the orphanage


Morning service in honor of the holiday of Mykola the Wonderworker was served in the chapel in the children's boarding school on Nadiya Alekseenko Street. There, the children, tutors and clergymen sang Christmas carols together and wished each other many summers.

“The attention of the boarding school children is special this day, and today we have not come to this church by chance, ” said Bishop Simeon, head of the Dnieper Diocese of the UCE. - I thought that the holiday should be started in the place where our kindness is most needed - in this beautiful temple, built with the assistance of the International Solidarity Foundation, Alexander Petrovsky. The children here have the opportunity to receive the blessing of God, and on this day in memory of St. Nicholas, we maximally charge them with our attention and love . "

After the service and communion, sweet presents awaited the child. Candies were brought to the children by representatives of the Solidarity Foundation, and fruit was served by Vyacheslav Kapustin, a representative of TM Alan.

“Kids are waiting for sweet presents all year long. They believe in this miracle, they believe in the opportunity to receive their personal individual gift. So we try for them. We would like a holiday for boarding school students to come not only on any calendar date, but just like that, ”says Jan Petrovsky , Vice President of the International Charitable Foundation O. Petrovsky, Solidarity.