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New comfortable furniture as a gift for the pupils of the Dniprovsky House - Boarding school


Oleksandr Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation Solidarity held another good action for the students of the Dnepropetrovsk House - DOR boarding school for children with disabilities. It is a social - medical institution for permanent residence of children from 4 to 18 years with physical disabilities and lesions of the central nervous system in need of outside and medical care. The boarding school is designed for the first profile department, for children with physical disabilities and normal pre-school and school-age intellect, for whom independent movement is significantly difficult or impossible.
That is why the new comfortable furniture that was brought to the children on this day was very useful and important. This time the foundation purchased and donated new furniture to the institution. From now on, new frameless armchairs and ottoman will be constantly in the children's rest area. All this is done for a convenient location and relaxation in the entire boarding school, during events and games.

Already, comfortable, beautiful multicolored armchairs and ottoman can accommodate pets of the center of all ages.