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Bouquets of flowers and handmade decorations and congratulations to the defenders of the country


On the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine two master-classes were held at the Dniprovsky Orphanage - DOR boarding school. The organizer of these events, as always was the International Charitable Fund of Alexander Petrovsky "Solidarity", within the framework of his own social project "We Can". As in the past, the masters were involved in the event.

Galina Yatsenko (M&K jewelry studio) taught girls how to make hair pins. The materials for the production were chosen in yellow-blue. And Yana Oliynyk (flower shop "We Flowers") shared the secrets of creating beautiful bouquets. Then the girls, together with bouquets and new decorations, were photographed on the background of the board of happiness, which they themselves painted with colorful chalk. The guys were also congratulated and even recorded a video greetings to the ATO fighters, who plan to send them to the front in order to support our soldiers.

Once again, the children were presented not only with a good mood, but also with the confidence that they can live the multifaceted life that they need in society.