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A common cause for the children of the Dnipro Social Center "Good at Home".


Oleksandr Petrovsky's International Solidarity Foundation co-ordinated a joint project held at the Good Home social center.
All this was done for children who are temporarily residing at the Center and are working to return to their biological families, placement in family education, for children from families of privileged categories, as well as for children with disabilities and children with special needs. . Good Home Services are provided primarily to save a family for a child, help parents care for children, protect a child from violence, return a child to a home or reunite. The main purpose of the Center is to support families, prevent a child from divorcing her family and get her to a residential institution. And our foundation, along with their friends, always supports an institution with different children, and everyone needs care and care.

This time an interesting and useful project for children and adolescents was carried out by the Main Territorial Department of Justice in Dnipropetrovsk region, with participation of Tatiana Zharikova (Igrarium company).
In the play form, the children were not only told about their duties and rights, but also taught them how to defend these rights and where to turn if they violated their rights. The purpose of this project is to increase legal literacy and to shape a new legal culture in society. And to keep kids interested, they get valuable information in a playful way.

Oleksandr Petrovsky's International Solidarity Foundation plans to continue to coordinate this project and visit other institutions of the city, including the Dniprovsky Orphanage - a boarding school for children with disabilities.