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REPAIR AND RESTORATION OF DNEPROPETROVS'S Geriatric boarding house continues.


In the institution of the social protection department of Dnipropetrovsk region - KZ "Dnipropetrovsk geriatric boarding house of Dnipropetrovsk regional council", which is located in the regional center on the street. Havanska St., 15 - the repair and restoration work is ongoing, which is due to the efforts of the International Solidarity Foundation, Alexander Petrovsky, on the initiative and personally financial support of its President.

As we informed, major repairs of the large part of the boarding house on the second floor have already been completed. The large transition between the buildings near the cafeteria, where the wards of the wards are fed, is being repaired. Renovated, from the ceiling, walls and windows. Replacement of lighting, old doors with new ones, old plastic with modern paint on the walls, new handrails to improve movement, and new energy-saving windows will now help to keep warm and create comfort for the staff and for those who live here.

And on July 10, 2019, the guest house with a working visit was visited by Vice President of the International Solidarity Fund Alexander Petrovsky "Solidarity" Yana Ivanovna. The transition between units A and B and the main entrance group is already being repaired already on the ground floor of the institution and the work progress has been checked and the boarding house representatives have been consulted. Also
Oleksandr Petrovsky's Solidarity International Charitable Foundation, under the initiative and financial support of its president, will repair and haul 33 of the upholstered furniture units on the ground floor. And these are sofas, chairs and ottomans. The deputy director of the Dnipropetrovsk Geriatric Boarding House for Medical Affairs, Sergei Zub, noted the importance of the assistance of the foundation and its president, Alexander Petrovsky, for the continued and much needed support for people and the institution as a whole.