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The concert - a requiem for the memory of Hero of Ukraine Vasily Slipak was held on June 29, 2019 with the support of the International Solidarity Fund of Alexander Petrovsky at the Dniprovsky National Academic Ukrainian Musical and Drama Theater. TG Shevchenko, in the framework of the III International Open Music Marathon in memory of the prominent Ukrainian singer and true warrior Vasily Slipak, who has been held in some cities of Ukraine and in the USA and France. Co-organizer of the international part was the brother of the famous singer Orest Slipak. In the regional center of Dnipropetrovsk the concert - Requiem was called "Dnipro Remembers". In honor of the legendary Ukrainian patriot came residents of our city, the clergy, representatives of public and religious communities of the Dnieper, war and labor veterans, volunteers and Cossacks.

Vice-President of the International Solidarity Foundation Alexander Petrovsky - Yana Ivanilova and renowned volunteer and activist Lyudmila Shamray spoke at the stage, emphasizing the importance of holding such events in the Dnieper and in Ukraine in general.

Priests of the Dnieper Diocese of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine - Secretary of the Diocese, Archpriest Vitaliy Lopushansky, Archpriest Mykhailo Stinyo and Dmitry Povorotnyy conducted a prayer service and commemorated all the soldiers who died for the will of Ukraine on the eastern front.

Actors and Artists of Dnipro National Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater TG Shevchenko presented the audience with a bright, patriotic concert that touched everyone's soul in the audience. Some people couldn't even hold back tears.

The concert program included works from Vasily Slipak's repertoire, patriotic and lyric songs, literary and choreographic compositions performed by leading stage masters, drama and ballet artists.
Conductor - Honored Worker of the Arts of Ukraine Yuriy Bednik, Ballet Master Honored Worker of the Arts of Ukraine Oleksiy Kovalenko. Guest of the Dniprovsky House of Organ and Chamber Music Galina Okhotnik also pleased the audience. The hosts of the concert were Veronica Golovanova and Igor Kirilchatenko. And once again the audience was able to enjoy the dramatic skill of the Honored Artist of Ukraine, the director of the theater - Oksana Petrovskaya.

At the end of the concert - the requiem audience applauded the theater staff for honoring the memory of Vasily Slipak.
On behalf of warriors of the Sicheslav region, who are in the area of the OOO, GVO "Union of fighters and volunteers of ATO" Power of Ukraine ", Dniprovsk" Association of ATO participants ", chaplain department of the Dnieper Eparchy of the CCU - employees of the Service of Economic Security of Ukraine awarded the acting director and the artistic director of the theater Oksana Ivanovna Petrovsk, vice-president of the International Charitable Foundation Alexander Petrovsky "Solidarity" Yana Ivanovna Ivanov and the Cossack of the All-Ukrainian United Academy the institution of Alexander Boschanovsky.

The awarding ceremony was conducted by the Colonel-General of SEB of Ukraine
Melnichenko VI

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