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In the Dnieper, in the regional hospital. Mechnikov was awarded young doctors and presented with new professional equipment.


December 24, 2018, in the main building of the regional hospital to them. Mechnikov awarded doctors with Presidential scholarships and diplomas, as well as the presentation of new equipment for resuscitation units.
On this day, about a hundred doctors of all ages gathered here, from more experienced specialists to the youngest, who hope for new discoveries and salvation, many more human lives. At present, the specialists of Dniprovsk hospital have already been able to help more than three thousand fighters who protect our country in the east of Ukraine.

Chief physician of the regional hospital to them. Mechnikov Sergey Ryzhenko congratulated everyone on New Year and Christmas. He wished his colleagues well-being because health allows one to dream of something more in our lives. On this day, everyone gathered because the hospital had new equipment that would allow the rescue of seriously ill patients. The seven intensive care units at the hospital now have seven perfusers - syringe pumps whose instruments make it possible to measure the accuracy of dosing and to distribute medication drip to deliver it to seriously ill patients.

Hospital equipment was donated by indifferent people. Part of the money was purchased and donated by the patron of the hospital, President of the International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" Alexander Petrovsky, and the other part of the medical equipment was purchased by the fund together with the CEO of the company "Agro-Aries" Victor Petrovich Zavorotny.

Chief Medical Officer Sergey Ryzhenko told about the new equipment and its importance: “No human hand, no syringe without a certain device will be able to introduce medicine as thinly as this mechanism. This allows us to save people today, allows them to recover faster, and enables our intensive care units to assist the most difficult patients. "

“All in all, we have donated seven syringe pumps to the ICU. This type of specialty dispensing supplies medicine to patients and we hope it will save more than one human life. The Foundation and its president personally always assists the hospitals of the Dnieper River, "- said the Vice-President of the International Solidarity Fund Alexander Petrovsky" Solidarity "Jan Ivanilov.

Also, as part of this event, the hospital management decided to congratulate young and promising professionals, and some were awarded a Presidential Scholarship. In particular, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine №432 / 2018 of December 19, 2018 “On the assignment of state scholarships to outstanding health care workers”, a state scholarship was appointed for two years
DUBINI Volodymyr Mykolayovych - Head of the Department of Anesthesiology with Intensive Care Beds # 1 of general profile, anesthesiologist at the municipal institution "Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital named after II Mechnikov."
Also noted are 11 young doctors and 16 interns who have proven to be the best at work. Each doctor was awarded a diploma and a bouquet of flowers.

The chief physician of the institution, Sergey Ryzhenko, noted that those young specialists who will be able to prove themselves during the internship will remain working at the Mechnikov hospital.