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New Year's gifts for St. Nicholas Day in the Dniprovsky sports club "Judo-80".


According to tradition, the International Solidarity Foundation of Alexander Petrovsky congratulated his subordinates, a friendly team of athletes and trainers of IC "Judo-80" on St. Nicholas Day with New Year's gifts. Vice President Yana Ivanilova, together with friends and staff of the Foundation brought to the club training a big Christmas cake. First of all, they treated the young and youngest pupils of the club. The more experienced and leading judoists also got Christmas flavors. Sincere congratulations also from the President of the International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity" Alexander Vladimirovich

Petrovsky, who always supports and helps the athletes of the club. Parents of young judo players also welcomed and thanked the leadership, coaching staff and personally Alexander for the support and education of our athletes. The next day the surprises continued. 42 leading sportsmen of the club and representatives of the coaching staff were awarded and honored at the training. They were presented with solid and professional sports equipment kits by Alexander Petrovsky International Solidarity Fund and personally by the President, which included a large sports bag, sports suits, T-shirts, hats and other accessories.

Among the leading athletes we note Oleg Veredib, Nodar Machutadze and Nikita Matlashevsky. But, as the president of Judo-80 FC Lev Lutsenko and the club's head coach and honored coach of Ukraine Anatoly Pirog have noted, there are many other leading athletes in the team who have a good future and great potential.