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Flowers city Dnepropetrovsk


International Charity Foundation "Solidarity" and the company "Krasula" since May 25, 2010 hold an action "Flowers Dnepropetrovsk" and donate 4,000 rose bushes to the city . Our foundation has taken this step on purpose: everything should be beautiful. Our city of Dnepropetrovsk is worth the name of the most beautiful city of Ukraine. The Solidarity International Charity Foundation has decided to contribute to the common cause. Flowers, just like humans, feel caring and attentive, and in gratitude for this, they give their beauty, harmony and good mood.
First of all, the roses will be planted in orphanages, children's homes and other children's institutions. The smallest residents of the city of Dnepropetrovsk and the region will be able to grow next to the beautiful, as well as adults.
On May 26, 2010, the first rose bushes were brought to the Orphanage "Family", which is located in the village. Jubilee. The children were very pleased to hear the news that roses would be planted in their orphanage. Little Dnipropetrovsk residents enthusiastically helped adults unload rose bushes from cars. Especially distinguished is the little blond Sasha, who in his 8 years along with his older children unloaded the pots with roses. He also helped to plant roses with other children. Photos of this event can be found in our photo gallery.
The director of the orphanage "Family" Elena Gurina expressed huge gratitude to the International Charity Foundation "Solidarity" and personally to the president of the Solidarity Foundation, Petrovsky, Alexander Vladimirovich for the gift that was made to the children of the orphanage. She said that the Solidarity International Charity Foundation is constantly paying attention to the Orphanage and its children. The children were very happy to have beautiful rose flowers planted. They are from the beginning: the seedlings will continue to look after, water the flowers. Beauty will save the world! Photo gallery of the action "Flowers to the city of Dnepropetrovsk".