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Let's help Marchenko Igor


Marchenko Svetlana Vasilyevna appealed to the international solidarity fund "Solidarity" for help for her son Marchenko Igor in 2003. with the diagnosis: latent heart defect (defect of the atrial septum.
Igor had an operation to install an occluder, but the operation was unsuccessful - the occluder was not installed. Because of this, the child underwent another operation, but already in Bratislava, where the occluder was installed, but because of sloppy work on the heart during the first operation, and injury to the organs of the child, all - this led to a mechanical stroke, and as a consequence blockade of brain cells responsible for the motor function of the body, paralysis of the right hand and foot and as a complication of hyperkinesis.
Urgent rehabilitation is needed, as people with stroke have very limited recovery time from 1 to 3 years.
In our country, full rehabilitation of a child is impossible, because there are no developments related to the rehabilitation of children with an established occluder. An unsuccessful operation in our clinic, not diagnosed on time, led to a child's disability. We carry out the treatment further, on our own, and this requires additional costs to what is already available.
Igor's parents found a suitable rehabilitation center for him - the ADELI Center. It is a rehab facility with the most intensive care and the most individualized approach in Europe. Specialists of the ADELI center have prepared a special program for him, and even received an invitation, but there is no money to pay for treatment and departure to the rehabilitation site.
In the same way, they sought help from local authorities, the presidential administration, but all to no avail.
At the moment, Igor's mother has no opportunity to work due to his treatment. Except Igor, 7 years old, who is on disability,
in the family there is still imperfectly summer child Marchenko Vasily 15 years, husband of Svetlana works as a car mechanic, but money is sorely lacking.
Let's not remain indifferent to the trouble of Igor and joint efforts will help him to restore the fullness of life. After all, he is just beginning ...
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Purpose of payment: charitable assistance for the treatment of Igor Marchenko.