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Happy family


November 15, 2011 Solidarity International Charitable Foundation together with Dnepr Petrolium LLC congratulated the family of Evseev, Sergei and Anna, on the birth of the triple - Matthew, Timofey and Alexey (13.09.2011). This is a real gift not only for mom and dad, but also for their 5-year-old sister.
Our small residents of Dnepropetrovsk received as a gift arena, wonderful transformer chairs, developing mats, modules, electronic scales.
For almost 2 months the children were in the neonatal ward (head of the department of the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital Surkov DN). Due to the skilled work of the staff, the children were discharged with good results.
We sincerely congratulate the Evseev family and wish them well-being, patience, happiness, and to Matthew, Timothy and Alexey good health.