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V International Solidarity Tournament


November 15 - 17, 2011 in Dnepropetrovsk was held the V International Solidarity Tournament for junior wrestling. This tournament has become traditional. As always, it takes place in November. Let us remind you that the Solidarity Freestyle Tournament was a continuation of the tournament. Babushkin, who was very popular in the USSR. The Soviet Union disintegrated, and with it many good things that were in Soviet sports went into oblivion. President of the International Charitable Foundation Petrovsky AV together with the president of the sports club "Medved" Vasilenko EN decided to revive the tradition of holding tournaments on free wrestling among juniors. So in 2007. the first Solidarity Free Wrestling Tournament was organized. In order to organize the tournament, a lot of effort was also spent by the Vice-President of Solidarity ICF Ivanilova Y.Yu., Vice-President of IC Medved Vasilenko EN, other people.