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Regional Festival "Mom + Me"


Every year in Dnepropetrovsk there is a big holiday for children "Mother + I", who for various reasons were left without parental love.
For the first year now, the Solidarity International Charitable Foundation has been actively involved in organizing and hosting this bright holiday.
September 10, 2012 more than 4 thousand of children of Dnepropetrovsk region took part in VI regional charity festival "Mother + I", in which took part orphans and children deprived of parental care, who are brought up in orphanages, boarding schools, as well as children from foster families, orphanages ( DDST) and children under guardianship.
During the day, there were festive concerts featuring children from local creative teams, animation, games, competitions, quizzes and raffles. There was a creative competition in which the children demonstrated their dancing, vocal and acting skills.
In the framework of the holiday for children were organized sports competitions in football, basketball, tennis, ping-pong, chess. For young athletes of the region, a particularly exciting event was the meeting with the outstanding sportsmen of the region and the country: Ukrainian footballer, former defender of FC Dnipro and national team of Ukraine Andrey Rusol, footballer, defender of Dnipropetrovsk FC "Dnepr" Vitaliy Denisismiy Denisimiy.
“To date, the regional festival" Mother + I "is the largest-scale charitable project of the Dnepropetrovsk region, because its participants are more than 4 thousand orphans. It is part of a large-scale work on the support of orphans and children deprived of parental care, which is conducted in Dnipropetrovsk under the leadership of Alexander Vilkul.

The holiday took place. Children are happy, satisfied and adults. But most importantly - every year the festival helps small children find a real family. The people involved in the preparation are so penetrated by the fates of the children that they then take them to their families. Those who are less fortunate do not lose hope.