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Sixth Solidarity Wrestling Tournament


November 16-17, 2012 in Dnepropetrovsk was held the Sixth Solidarity Tournament. Organizers of the tournament are the International Charity Foundation "Solidarity" and the sports club "Bear". This tournament is a continuation of the famous tournament them. I. Babushkin, held during the Soviet Union. The Solidarity tournament has become traditional and takes place in mid-November.

Athletes from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, the Republic of Alanya, Canada, the Republic of Belarus, the Chechen Republic, and Dagestan arrived at the Sixth Solid Wrestling Tournament. A total of about 200 athletes took part in the tournament. November 16, 2012 fights in weight categories of 50, 60, 74, 96 kg were carried out. The same day the winners, finalists and winners of the weight categories were determined. The solemn opening of the Sixth International Solidarity Wrestling Tournament took place at 17-00. Honorary guests were invited to the grand opening. Among them are Olympic champion Irina Merleny, 2006 World Champion in Greco-Roman wrestling up to 74 Vladimir Shatskikh, Deputy Mayor IG Zaitseva, President of IC Medved Vasilenko EN and other distinguished guests.


Results of the Sixth Solidarity Wrestling Tournament.

November 16, 2012 there were fights of fighters in weight categories of 50, 60, 74 and 96 kg.

Weight category 50 kg:

1st place Uguyev Zaur (Russia)
2nd place Mikhail Makim (Ukraine)
3rd place Markovich Taras (Ukraine)
3rd place Bulat Alexander (Ukraine)

Weight category 60 kg:

1st place Adjiev Imam (Russia)
2nd place Ilyasov Ibrahim (Russia)
3rd place Magomedov Magomedrasul (Russia)
3rd place Puhov David (Russia)

Weight category 74 kg:

1st place Single Sergey (Ukraine)
2nd place Abelev Ilya (Canada)
3rd place Aidinov Alimbek (Russia)
3rd place Salazanskiy Oleg (Ukraine)

Weight category 96 kg:

1st place Mchelidze Muraz (Ukraine) Dnepropetrovsk
2nd place Chertkoev Guram (Russia)
3rd place Mohort Sergei (Russia)
3rd place Gritsay Bogdan (Ukraine)

November 17, 2012 There were fights of fighters in weight categories 55, 66, 84 and 120 kg.

Weight category 55 kg:
1st place: Gursky Vitaliy (Ukraine)
2nd place: Kokoev Kazbek (Russia)
3rd place: Majidov Islam (Russia)
3rd place: Eyubov Royal (Ukraine)

Weight category 66 kg:
1st place: Raslan Arslanaliev (Russia)
2nd place: Kerefov Ratmir (Russia)
3rd place: Kabisov Azmat (Russia)
3rd place: Miroshnikov Daniel (Ukraine)

Weight category 84 kg:
1st place: Valiyev Vladislav (Russia)
2nd place: Bookin Yaroslav (Ukraine)
3rd place: Kzoev Oleg (Russia)
3rd place: Mutsayev Mahmed-Adam (Russia)

Weight category 120 kg:
1st place: Kortyayev Dzhambulat (Russia)
2nd place: Kartaviy Daniel (Ukraine)
3rd place: Gagiev Znour (Russia)
3rd place: Kichun Sergei (Ukraine)