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Modern equipment for a military hospital


Two modern operating tables were handed over to surgeons by the Dnepropetrovsk military hospital by the president of the Solidarity Foundation, Alexander Petrovsky, who had been purchased for his personal funds. Yesterday, these tables were handed over to the hospital, and a few weeks ago a spirograph, a cardiograph and a patient monitor were transferred to the intensive care unit.
“We were handed two multifunctional operating tables today for various surgical interventions. These tables are used in operating and dressing conditions and allow to manipulate the patient's body and even to move the limbs to different positions. Thanks to these tables, surgeons are easier to work with and do not have to turn over and bother the patient once again, - says the head of the surgical department of the Dnepropetrovsk military hospital Evgeny Gerasimenko. - For our military hospital, this is quite a significant and valuable purchase. That is why we urge volunteers and philanthropists to join such a noble initiative and to assist us in acquiring four more such operating tables that we need in connection with the expansion of the surgical department of the military hospital. I am very grateful to all the volunteers who help us to establish a normal process of healing and healing the wounded. "
Also for his own money, Alexander Petrovsky purchased and handed to doctors two modern monitors for patients in the intensive care unit. They were installed in the intensive care ward and now nurses and doctors do not need to check the condition of patients by the minute. If the patient's indicators go beyond the limits, the cardiograph immediately beeps, which is heard on the nursing post.
"This monitor displays the following indicators: blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, heart rate. Also, with the help of this equipment it is possible to perform ECG monitoring, ”says the head of the intensive care unit.
This is not the first and not the last help the philanthropist provides to Dnepropetrovsk doctors. So the equipment for the sum of 522 thousand hryvnias is already transferred to the military hospital. Also, in the near future two vacuum systems will be transferred to Mechnikov's hospital from Alexander Petrovsky to drain deep wounds.
“Today, the financing of medicine has its limitations, so the president of the Solidarity Fund, Alexander Vladimirovich. Petrovsky joined the volunteer movement and helps with the purchase, delivery and installation of much needed equipment. We listen to the wishes of physicians and, as far as possible, buy expensive equipment, ”said Jan Ivanilov, Vice-President of Solidarity International Charity Foundation.
But not only modern equipment, but also the experience of skilled military doctors is important in the treatment of the wounded. That is why the philanthropist pays for private visits from leading Israeli military doctors who share invaluable experience with Ukrainian doctors. So, at the invitation of Alexander Petrovsky at the invitation of Alexander Petrovsky, an orthopedist from Israel had already arrived, and on Wednesday, a military thoracic surgeon was invited to Dnepropetrovsk to consult doctors and treat patients in Mechnikov for several days.
"Solidarity Foundation renders invaluable assistance to Dnepropetrovsk," says Deputy Mayor Irina Zaitseva. In the pharmacies of our city, representatives of the Foundation regularly buy very expensive antibiotics of the last generation and transfer them to medical institutions for the treatment of the wounded. In addition, the fund and its president support many Dnipropetrovsk hospitals in which ATO fighters are being treated.
In peacetime, the Solidarity Foundation helps Dnipropetrovsk children with disabilities, veterans, and athletes. The Fund accompanies many social programs, in particular, totally under the auspices of the Fund are Dnipropetrovsk fighters who win gold in the international arena.