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Exhibition of photos "Big in small"


December 10, 2016 at 5:00 pm in the Apartment Apartment Art Center (Krasnaya Ploschad St., 3-1) there will be an opening of an exhibition of photos: "Big in Little".
Konstantin Paustovsky wrote: “Everything was different in childhood. With bright and clear eyes, we looked at the world, and everything seemed to us much brighter. The sun was brighter, the fields smelled stronger, the thunder was louder, the rainier and the grass higher. And the human heart was wider, the mountain was sharper and the earth was a thousand times more mysterious. ”
Over the years, all this is lost. The ability to grasp the moment by the tail and rejoice in the little things disappears, the dust has the ability to be surprised at something simple and ordinary. A classic model of a small, humble life in a large world of worries.
Giving life to a new person, being with him near every minute, you begin to understand the importance of any tiny moment, movement, action. Little people with vast inner spaces of soul who are in search and eager to absorb and admire all the nooks and crannies of this world. We mean every aspect and phenomenon, even the shortest, lightning-passing by. Here she is - the great life of a little man.
Thanks to Alexander Petrovsky International Charitable Foundation "Solidarity", the authors of the works, who have recently become moms and are inspired by the vast worlds of their children, will share the tender moments of motherhood and try to create a warm and warm atmosphere. “We would like the viewer to feel the depth of a child's existence and perhaps find something pleasant for themselves. At the same time, everyone will have the opportunity to help those who need it by bringing everything that could please children who are left without parental care or who are in a difficult life situation. Toys and books, sweets and fruits, warm clothing and shoes are what will help make St. Nicholas' Day happier and kinder for children left without a home roof. We look forward to your support! ”

We are waiting for you at the opening of the exhibition!